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A Full Suite of Compliance Services

Campaign Finance Reports

Prepare and file reports with the Kentucky Registry for Election Finance (KREF) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Consultation & Strategic Guidance

Campaign finance regulations are much different than typical accounting procedures. We stay-up-to-date on the ever changing state and federal requirements.

Registration with the Proper Authorities

Getting registered can be a maze of confusion; sometimes an organization may need to register with more than one entity. We’ll get you up and running, fast and in full-compliance.


From opening up your bank account to depositing checks to extensive financial recordkeeping as required by law, we’ll manage all your banking.

Reconciliation Services

Whether tracking events, donor levels, expenses or budgeting, we customize services to fit your needs.

Receipts & Disbursements

What you can spend, how you can spend it, and what records are required…We make sure no campaign finance rules are broken.

Disclaimer Guidance

We’ll make sure nothing goes out the door that doesn’t follow campaign finance rules. 

Database Management

We manage your campaign database, keeping accurate volunteer and donor information.

Full Management of PAC Operations

From getting you registered to general consulting to media buying, we offer full PAC services. 

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Ready to pass off burdensome compliance and campaign data management to the experts?